When You Are Teachin Me

let me feel the way when you are teaching me and i want to be yours baby can't you see and i'm still happy when you are treating me. honney you are the one who makes me feel free Part1: Teach me to live for the day, Make me forget and delay, So I have lost my way Among the shine you ray You think so far you’re doing right Between two fires you play with pride I beg you fill my thoughts each night, My gloom’s annulled with pouring light! Let me neglect that you miss My every sigh and every kiss You hold me tight, you’re my release Let’s hide among the willow-trees. My inner-self violates the law, In all your deeds you take the floor But will you let me be next door? Let me observe what lies in store! Your words are keen and promise fast Whatever happens, i need your trust And though sometimes the die is cast Baby I know for sure, the hope dies last. part2: At times you’re close, I’m far away You feel me droop from day to day I want you leave, I want you stay I know my eyes lead you astray I do persuade myself anew: I hardly got attached to you Despite my eyes are wet with dew It testifies it isn’t true. I’ll never leave you down the drain I’m grateful, you can ease my pain, But still don’t know, I can’t explain And all your pardons are in vain. What seals the fate I never see, I let you rest under my lee For what I did I waive no fee, It matters no more for me. The reason is your sun’s too bright, I watch the sky, it makes me blind But still do keep me in your mind, You won’t stop and won’t rewind. horous::::::::::::: Let me feel the way when you are teaching me and i want to be yours, baby, can't you see and I’m still happy, when you are treating me. Honey, you are the one who makes me feel free
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