Сергей Гулевич Сергей Гулевич 
Темы моих песен и музыки - любовь, философия, космос, звезды, море, небо. Жанры: rock, soundtrack, lounge, newage. Как сюда попасть


When i was born,my dad was very angry I can't remember time when he was to me so friendly Wanted second boy i was not a jewellery I didn't know the meaning of the word gallery So i went along my own road,but erroneous road And It didn't lead me,to the something new.And Load Of my heart belonged to my family and my friends. And i knew how this fuckin' story usually ends Always abuse me,i was depresseded by myself And only one moment console me,from felling from the shelf I was born to be a jackass,and i will die like i am People i can love you,it's not a very big problem Always hearing you are bitch,you are not so good By this words i was often in a shitty mood Go fuck yourself, i dont care what you say about me Why do you looking on me??Well,look how he pee In the life all happends in a better way No disappearance of chemical dumber.ок? One thousand nine and nine and one This is the year when i had to this world become I doubt whether i was brought by the stork Probably this is i think the skunks's work You are dunce, often used to say my aunt Yes i have big hole in my had like cunt I love me so much,then i can do more And To call my best friend thick black whore I'am evil genius that can kick your ass Like m&m"s employee, but i am less No difference between someone she or he But scarcely this,i'm it.Pour out me a tee The translation of the Jee,don't want you to know I will give someone a job, a job of blow Hello,banana,say fuck off marijuana So Very good money thanks to the manna In the life all happends in a better way No disappearance of chemical dumber.ок?
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