Say i'm right!

Say that i'm crazy to write this mental song Yes i'm mad cause i live in this world and among People who are talkin’ bout harm of the cigarettes, And other dull things live that. I'm tired of it. Let's See them in a common life and we will see the truth. No i dont want to change this life, just want to add what they lose, What i can do to make you happy, pleased, enjoying, laughing, smiling It's my attention, mention that it is better than you crying. I will not thank my mom that i was born in this century Ok, i like some people but i hate community Yes i mentally diseased to live there now and with you But i dislike when you show me what i must say and how must do It's My own work, may be i know better than you, you only fuckin' bagger man What do you say? Fortune show you ass? I'm sorry i'm not God, it's not my plan You fall down on the floor. You loose this game, pass hello to my ancestors.... Who said that it is stupid to love your dreams ??Now a days nothing can be impossible, seems....... So you must do your work, and i will wish you good luck..... Baby let's go.......Are you ready to suck...... You understood how to write about chichen-chet, It's more harder than to clean after your pet. But not easier than to fuck you for blow, Cause you need more knowledge just to say oh no. So you learn how to refuse, what you don't want to do Unfortunate it's big problem to demit like me too. You hate do this dirty work, motherfucker it's your jop What you are doing hear, go away it's my sex-shop Unlucky prostitutes live in the streets and in the vaults And they have no fans, around them there are no big crowds Of the people who want to get an autograph Of the people who want to give them their love. But there are many men, who want to indulge them all This girls want to earn money, so they need to follow The rules of those gentleman, who're not you think they are So listen girls, and don't believe they will you take so far.... But you must do your work and i will wish you good luck..... Baby let's go......Are you ready to suck......
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