The Name Of The Work

Why do we need only one moment to fall in love See him,admire him and invite to the caff Why do we need all life to forget your sweetheart Suffer from him,and believe it's your part Of your heart. Why it's so terrible when you know him so well But he don't know you at all,may be he fell It when you remembered him,and i will help If you need something,you need just to yelp We are Shitheel Flame,we will rescue you from the danger We are Shitheel Flame,we will pump you benger We are Shit,we are Heel,we are Flame Only say your address,phone and your name Then fill out a form with 3 million questions And after this we'll happy to see you in our nations Baby,listen,fuck him off,he is not a master Baby,lister,everybody can do it more faster Sweety boy,like a rotten stuff,is not forever Always to get screwed,it's also answer no.Never Waiting for miracle,yes,no,it is your way Go mad,as Kurt,please baby no,don't stay Thinkin' i don't see,it's the biggest your mistake Mental hospital-it's my house,i'm not fake There are my friends,i can feel there like at home There are much better,what are the difference with the Rome?? Stop cock-sucker i want to be out of you You dont here me baby i dont here you too It become stronger,denote that he is leader Don't give him a chance,put in the ass his order Nothing to explain,what's done can't be undone Remember this place and when it had begun What to choose chicks or guys,who is better?? I'll know the answer faster you say the word "otter" Don't hear my ravings,hear the deliriums of greatest ACDC-are the latest of the attest Wanted to kill you,i will go to under cover Yes,you thrilled,what it is?Where is your power? You shout like a freakish baby who is now sad Cry like at night when you are in your bad Thanks to me,i'm not fiend,but i can you kill Why do you spin like a speeded up mill? When my parents did it,they didn't know the truth What would be a present,which will provoke only ruth So after delivery,may be they want to smother me Die bitch,die bitch!!! I would like it to see But stop they can't put me back to this awful hole Hallelujah,i'm alive,but why they call me a mole?? To be a little girl and to sit in the floor,it's so funny May be it is cold sometimes,but higher it's sunny Especially when some mother go around me in the skirt All the delights of the life are showed Stop cock-sucker i want to be out of you You dont here me baby i dont here you too
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