Владивостокский автор-исполнитель Как сюда попасть
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Аранжировки, сведение и мастеринг в профессиональном качестве из исходного материала любого уровня Как сюда попасть

But I've just put this.

Thought about gift this You too. Ready da bet that even that blessed 2Pac hasn't so fat and heaven-high childhood in fact! And Who wrote somethinna 'bout diamond in crap? I'm now fuckin' livin' in a ass-squeezin' and teasin' flat. It's like L-size condome doesn't fit to the head even of a dick is thin and hungry of reality'z wacks. A beat of the Life-taste with stripped teeth is notta bad but better geta Ghetto's Life sip at first of all acts.
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