Денис Четыркин Денис Четыркин 
Пишу музыку без привязки к какому-либо стилю или направлению. Что приходит в голову, то и воспроизвожу. Доведение звучания до приемлемого уровня доверяю профессионалам. Как сюда попасть

Should I being that adviser with the pride arisein'?

Dig Yourself out for the first. The must worst behavour and self favour you may do ever is to curse someone, some of a run of things in a fun or bad burst. This issa slap hurts even a steal cunt under the sweaty skirt. Ow, Me forgot! I cannot say some word at the same way, cuz i was wearin' smirkly T-shirt turned inside out today at all day, so You just take it as prate better. Guess i get a slattern-ass state, but no right to advise-phrase!
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