Golden collection. Хиты ХХ века... 07.03.2017 19:00 Москва, Московский международный Дом музыки

Jay-Jay Johanson 26.01.2017 20:00 Москва, Yotaspace (ГлавClub Москва)

Яiveleishaaan! I'm in act.

Yes, You've already saw this, and these followed notes ticks. Met these jawing-slow strings at strophes tiptoe thrillin with. I wasn't askin' 'ese mind-rollin' puke-callin' close things fallin' in abyss of being alone with flow in a strings. Now it's funny mental desease in a lot at My head. Babes may get inna faint, but i've passed through this wet nest Not smashing all at ma way, but only drowning in Rap. Knew something about Me at past? He'z already dead.
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