Why do You crinkle like this? Why do You deed these all deeds? I'm ready even to please, standin' at knees, to cut, to slit this. To stop to snub any breeze of any moralist things 'nside Me. I'm not with this! I rot of this! I've got with this too much enough to love after so filthiness! Buildin' this in rhymes, You make no feels but spite. These wild lips that rhymes sneak to Me even in dreams, at least! Shifting these nutty lips on teeth, You scrible crest-mark at any Mother next after another in fits of wishes to sting these teasing back just to breathe. As You acustomed to think and acustomed to see. But who the fell circles in is? Who is in the degress when You're licking kefir-drips sitting, smirking to backs and push it to rhyme stirring it with outrageous crap? He'z Mad, rapid, crap splashing, but still the less is! Music is "Eminem - Renegade" Get The Guns (2006).
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Here that continue. 've got some I-net problems so that's why it comes now.
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