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Cinderella, tell me about you About the ideal man, which you like Even just don't say to me “no”, no I will never lose you, girl I will be your prince On a white horse, maybe It is 12 o'clock But you shouldn't left me all alone I will never love another girl As I love you… Love is time When destiny is a cry of silent night Love was born on your soul It keeps your mind, it keeps you all She is not Juliette Julie isn't she Maybe my dream is only one I will never lose it May I come in your world? May I come in your life? When it's hard to love When it's hard to die Fairytale is gone Today the moon is full Where is my love Why we needs for rules? She is like Cinderella She comes and she runs out Please, give me one chance And i..will..change…your..life
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