Небытие? Небытие? 
Наверное, самый странный рок ) P.S. Половину старых произведений скрыл, чтобы не мешались )) Ex. Поющий волк Как сюда попасть
Mark Subbotin Mark Subbotin 
Композитор и исполнитель электронной музыки в жанре Spacesynth, Synth-Pop, медитация, классика в современной обработке, релакс, эмбиент, ньюэйдж. Как сюда попасть

Lost In Alaska

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Алексей Курочкин Бас (бас-гитара, контрабас)
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Lost in Alaska is Death metal/Deathcore band formed in November 2007. The band had several line-up changes and breaking points since then, but kept furiously going towards their goal: play music no matter how hard it could be. For 3 years of its existence the band managed to share stage with many bands, both with fellow and foreign like, earn the love of the fans and step into new musical dimension. Currently band have recorded an EP album and the fresh long-play “Zodiac”, which was finely mixed and mastered with the talented producer Joshua Wickman at Dreadcore Productions, White Lake, Michigan, USA. The LP is soon going to be released through headXplode records. If you don’t mind your guts to be kicked by straightforward and honest music from the bottom of our hearts – we are welcome you to enjoy our creation.


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