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Алеся Владимировна Фролова Лидер-вокал
Alesya Frolova Владелец страницы
Olga Grogan, producer of the program Russian Radio of America, Colorado, USA Dmitry Ford, music columnist/Editor for the Charity Music International, Montana, USA. 2009 The program by Alesya Frolova and Victor Sopelckin stands out from the others because of its wonderful manner of collective playing and style. If you are any kind of music fan, you will know what we are talking about when we mention the thrill of discovery. It’s that moment we all wait for, that instant when someone fresh and unknown pierces right into you core and touches your musical heart. And from that moment on, you feel like these artists are your special treasure. They were born to sing and create the joy of melody. Victor Sopelckin maintains the clarity and purity of a blues tone in his free way of playing the music and adding his own voice in the course of some songs. Alesya Frolova has unusual ability to sing like a blues star with a perfect pitch and keep pace with a trickiest instrumental breaks. Russian Radio of America will be really happy to present her beautiful personal style as a singer and songwriter. Sit down and relax. Clear your mind and listen. To know their music is to love them, and we bet you will love the voice of Alesya and an art of Victor’s playing. ************************************
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