Among restrained you are born, But you have not passed their law. You have replaced eternal light with a hell, Your soul was pierced Darkness with a sight. In a soul fire, in blood metal. You the soldier of the Lucifier became. Your destiny - severe eternal fight. You are an enemy sacred, in fact you another's!!! To Jesus the call was thrown by you, Burning in the past bridges. Now the road is not present back, Your way one - road to a hell! You are a soldier of a hell, your destiny The creator to be infernal black affairs. Cross of the Lucifier your symbol. You against everything, in fact you another's!!! You - an angel of death, the enemy of the Christ, The bearer of a black cross. You hate bright light, To your soul of rest is not present! In your right hand it is compressed sword . You are a soldier of a hell, Darkness the prophet. You for a long time forget rest. You are a soldier of a harm, in fact you another's!!!
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О, это же просто ужас! Человече! Ты бы прежде чем писать что-то на английском почитал бы учебник по грамматике, хотя бы класс за 5 общеоброзовательной школы, мож что новое узнал бы. Ошибка на ошибке. Из-за этих ошибок приходится напрягаться, чтобы уловить смысл.
23 сентября 2006 в 06:24