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Alfa-Alfa - горячая группа из Уганды. Африканский вокал и яркие образы исполнителей дарят зрителям солнечную жизнерадостную музыку. Их творчество – это англоязычные песни в стиле диско 80-х и любимые украинские народные песни в танцевальной обработке. Фольклор был в репертуаре группы еще до того, как Alfa Alfa разделилась на два коллектива – Alfa Alfa и Чорнобривцi. А вот стилистика этих двух групп после распада претерпела изменения. В то время, как Чорнобривцi стали делать акцент на реггей-музыку, стиль Alfa Alfa изменился на танцевальный диско-поп. Майкл и Бэкки – постоянные гости различных музыкальных фестивалей. На концертах непосредственно общаются со зрителями и вытягивают людей на сцену, пробуждая интерес и восторг у каждого. Заводят публику с полуоборота. Яркие сценические костюмы, экзотическая внешность и мелодичные танцевальные песни исполнителей обеспечивают 100% успех и любовь зрителей.
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The first album In 2006 Alfa Alfa appealed to the creative group Freestyle Artwork with suggestions to publish the recorded album.
Meet Alfa Alfa!!! Biography The city Kharkov is full of talent. And this time the first capital of Ukraine surprised Ukrainian show-business, sheltering and rearing eccentric students from Uganda - Alfa- Alfa show-group. Origin At the course of time, the group didn’t determine at once with styles of disco-pop, it all began with hip- hop and very much expressive Ragamuffin. Before in the group there were four hot African young men. In 2003 the group experimented with their sounds and they were the permanent participants of Kharkov international festivals (In Da House, Breakidz and dr.) and at Reggae Party evening-parties, conducted Freestyle Artwork and UHHA. But coming forward on other measures the musicians understood quickly that at that moment Ukrainian public had already folded other musical preferences. Here then an idea was born at once with the elements of folk-songs in creating favourite folk songs. The Russian folk song was the first experiment "In the Forest the Fire-tree carried out” was born in a hip hop manner with a specific African accent. Public perceived the experiment on a "hurrah". During appearances of the group of smiles did not go down from the persons in the audience so much positive mood was radiated by the eccentric African artists. Furthermore, the group began to broaden with the Ukrainian folk super hits ("Tiz mene Pidmanula, Barter" and etc), either in an accapella variant together with the audience, or under modern arrangements with the elements of reggae, hip- hop and rnb. Transformation At this juncture getting something, into the group was not easy. The whole joined mechanism began to give failure. Michael, leader of the group and other participants had a different vision of further development of the project, including his stylistic orientation. Part of the group was not ready to change from classic reggae music, while Michael wanted to do expressive dance music. In 2004 the crisis ended .Alfa- Alfa disintegrated in two collectives. Michael remained in Alfa- Alfa. Steve made a new project Chornobrivtsi. And exactly at that juncture possible plans to work on the Alfa- Alfa project appeared to Michael. At first he needed to find the second soloist, which he would fully trust. And he found one! There was this beautiful girl from Uganda by the names Becky. She was talented with beautiful legs. Michael lovely named her the queen of Africa. Success and professionalism radiated round Michael and Becky. At this time, they were the born "stars". And from there immediately it was decided, that the new group Alfa-Alfa will be made only by the two together and as for dancers they would invite other dancers or artists Forming With an ardour dipped in creation, Michael and Becky quickly created enough new arrangements and began to write down vocals. The first album was ready in 2006. It turned out to positive, sunny and danceable. In the album, the 10 best songs were included 6 Ukrainian folk pop-remixes and 4 other English-language compositions. A repertoire was tested on Ukrainian public. Alfa Alfa came forward with concerts on areas, holidays and corporate measures. And everywhere group stunning success expected. A hot duet with songs they use to set their audience and fans on fire, and African vocals and bright appearances, compelled people to be allowed in the dance, wherever came forward Michael and Becky. They proved their inner possess, innate actor talent to socialize with public, as with the close friends, causing genuine interest and delight with the people. The first album In 2006 Alfa Alfa appealed to the creative group Freestyle Artwork with suggestions to publish the recorded album. After listening to the material of the group also Indies’ label Funky Kids Records became interested, offering collaboration to the artists. And joint work began. In autumn of a 2006 year Freestyle Artwork and Moon-Records lets out the long-awaited album of "Rozpryagayte Hloptsi konnie". To all, this is the first album of the African performers, recorded and published in Ukraine. The first release was sold out for a month! At once after it, the managers of the group decide on a wave to organize presentation of the album of the group in Kiev, inviting in partners of the largest Ukrainian searching internet system Meta. In one of the best Kharkov photo studio, new artistic photo session of the group which were very bright exposed actor talent of the artists. They both looked very romantic in love, or glamour-fever characters, or merry craze - the real professional Models. To the second release of the album publicity posters were released out and a new colourful design of cover was developed. In December, 2006 the wide publicity campaign of presentation of the album of the group began in the Internet, with success of taking place on February, 7, 2007 in the Kiev club "Sound Planet". Reporting and interviews of the group will be on the TV channels in the news of the TV channel K1, in the program "Society Chronics" on the TV channel "Tonis". The article, in the magazine "Public People" with the heading printed "Evening-party of the month". The 10 popular news and entertaining Internet resources will publish fast-reporting about the action. Declaring thus about the presentation in Kiev show-business, artists with enthusiasm began to think of recording and writing down new tracks in styles of disco ,r’n’b, reggae, soca, dancehall, African lounge etc. In concert appearances group Alfa Alfa often presents three parts - three performances. The first part is the danceable Ukrainian folk songs in the Ukrainian traditional costumes. The second part is an African block, with folk African dances, drums and costumes. And the third part is the twist and expressive disco-pop used for setting fire in style of 80s. A new video!!! Alfa Alfa The new video clip of group ALFA ALFA!!! "Solnishka" which is on the hit clock-work is completed. The clip was self-possessed in a minimal style, but turned out to be very bright and merry. At the shooting we invited the best dancers from Kharkov dance project All Stars and professionals in Latino-American dances. All participants in the clip were in exotic colourful costumes and on the shooting day everything was fun and memorized Alfa- Alfa started to record their first songs" Solnishka» which is in Russian-language and "Natalka Poltavka" which is in Ukrainian-language for their new album. Together Michael and Becky worked on the songs which were conducted by the "professional musicians" and sound producer of studio M-Art Sergey Kondratev a.k.a 'Flenger'. A new "firm quality" of sound and genius arrangements from Flenger levitates the project on a new height for Alfa-Alfa which is now in the row of one of the most professional collectives in the Ukrainian show-business! With high quality sound and fantastic cocktail of different dancing styles of music. For concerts, Special show-programs with melodious dancing composition were written. A basis style was taken from the favourite group Bonny M, which processed in a modern manner, is still more expressive and is used for setting fire variant. At this point, the beginning of new recording of the second album of the group proceeds at the same time New recordings, new style, new appearances and other large surprises of the group were waited by their fans. Besides concerts, the group now densely works with the best arrangers and submerged in creation of new songs, and also new Costumes. At this time, the recording of the second album was still a secret. We had not said a thing yet, we wanted it to be by surprise. Alfa-Alfa decided a bit to step back from usual already known styles of African-Ukrainian folk style and decided to do new modern mixtures of different musical styles which are more energetic and in some of the dance tracks you will hear Caribbean melodies, and elements of техно-pop, r’n’b, reggae, dancehall, soca, afro-rhythms, jungle and quite unforeseeable musical receptions which strangely enough, are very harmoniously inscribed in an original musical cocktail under the name of Alfa- Alfa. In the section of photos new artistic photographs of the group is loaded. Michael and Becky, the born stars. This is brightly exposed by the photographs. It seems that their actor talent there is no limit, it is so easily and naturally they get used to any appearances. Both are romantically in love. The photos are beautiful and fun to look at. The presentation of the album of group Alfa-Alfa passed with success In Kiev. On the action, all the invited active users of the searching internet system "META" were expected. The row of the known representatives of Kiev MASS-MEDIA was noticed. On results of the presentation, interviews with the group on TV channel will be shown, in the news on channel K1 and also in the program "Society Chronics" on the TV channel "Tonis". The article will be in the magazine "Public People" with the heading printed "Evening-party of the month". The 10 popular magazines and entertaining internet sources will publish fast-reporting about the action. Drawing of publicity will be printed on posters in support of the first album of the group. Because the first drawing was sold out for a month, the second realize of the album with a new colourful design was decided to be worked on. Management of the group agreed with the largest Ukrainian searching internet system META about a joint organization of the presentation of the album of the group in the capital of Ukraine. Presentation will take place on February, 7, 2007 at 23:00 in a night-club "Sound Planet» in Kiev .To the measures, a vast publicity campaign is planned, above all things among the users of world network and also in the network of Kiev supermarkets. Because this will be the closed evening-party, the entrance is free of charge, but the quantity of driving on action is limited. Details are on the site of the searching system META. Freestyle Artwork Productions, Moon-Records and Funky Kids Records recorded the first album of group Alfa- Alfa "Rozpryagayte Hloptsi koni". It is the first album of the African performers recorded and realised in Ukraine. On the disk there are 10 tracks - 6 Ukrainian folk songs in modern treatment, and 4 English-language songs. The album turned out to be merry and danceable. Clean pop-sound in style of disco, and also dance haul and twist is also included in the album. To give recommenders in the morning, in the day-time and in the evening
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