All my life I’m trying to create Webs of songs just to get you to my fate. How can I be so wrong for so long – You stay on somebody’s cold way. All the time you try to deviate The webs of songs that I tried to create. How can you be so right day and night – Deep inside don’t you feel lonely? Chorus: Words and signs make you true, Every point of mine’s the world of you. Will I find that time, that two souls’ rhyme To tell you from someone’s spell. Do you walk through the silver northern lands? Do you talk to the ghosts of hot south sands? We are meant to live for each other’s sake, The goal is vague, the road is winding… Are you or are you not my desert rain? Haven’t or have you sought me long in vain? Life is nothing without your love inside – Never hide what makes for shining! Chorus: Words-signs make true All points of you. We’ll find our time When you’re means I’m!
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