Pray, Mama, pray (спиричуэлс)

Chorus: Pray, mama, pray `Til the Judgment Day If you`re feelin` lonesome If you`re feelin` shame (If you`re lost your way) 1. If you get a trouble If your gal`s gone Raise your voice to Heaven An` send your pray to Lord 2. When you sold your soul When your money`s gone Raise your hands to the Heaven An` cry all night long 3. If you cannot cryin` If you cannot moan Raise your eyes to the Heaven You`re not alone 4. When your mind is ramblin` If you get a broken heart Raise your pray to the Heaven When you`re feelin` hard 5. When your face is smiling While your heart weep Raise your voice to the Heaven Cryin` from the deep
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