Chifa Chifa 
с появлением компа и VST появилась возможность записать то, что крутится в голове... Как сюда попасть

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Вячеслав Бутусов 28.01.2017 21:00 Москва, Stereo Hall

Poem#1#Anotehr Evening Comes And Smoke of Cigarettes...

Another evening comes and smoke of cigarettes some books guitar,a glass of wine and someone's pants a mess Forget about this it's soft and warm on velvet sofa under the mohair plaid you feel so free so safe you hold a time you stop it for today And silence and no worries and you don't fight for anything and you don't care sad stories... just you and silence and a mess and someone's happy who has soul to feel the rush of love but also is the saddest he when any trouble comes if you're so sensitive take break forget about love and hate just listen to the silence and stop the time for one day no love no hate
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