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(Do you remember that we must) Enslave the world

Let’s sit down and dream about ourselves. How could it be in other homes? You’ve got the truth of earphones. You’re drowned in the radio waves. Please, tell me the story of my lie! You take my diary to complete. I have some words you can’t repeat. So for all good children, let them die. Do you see the pink sunset outside? All is late, do you think so too? I think, there’s nothing else to do. Give them what they want, and let them die. Do you remember that we must enslave the world? Enslave! Enslave! Enslave! I want to believe. I want to believe. I want to believe, after that, it will not be so cold. Do we live for anything else? Do we live for anything else?
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тыкай, конечно! посмотрим, что получится
24 октября 2008 в 10:04

Ну что? Тыкать тебя носом в грамматику или нет? <br> Очень понравилась строчка про наушники.
23 октября 2008 в 23:38