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Сергей Валентинович Молчанов DJ
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Water water as far as the eye can see, <br> In the middle of nowhere, how big can you be? <br> <br> Away from life, away from land, <br> I sail away from the shore, the beach and sand <br> <br> You are calm as the moon, the sky and cloud, <br> Not always though, you can be loud <br> <br> Just like land you're home to millions of animals, <br> Whales, Sharks, Dolphins and a load of other sea mammals <br> <br> Waves on your surface, weeds down below <br> You move about in which ever direction the wind decides to blow <br> <br> Oh dear wave, I am just like you, <br> On a continuous journey, re-born, except I am not blue <br> <br> <br> Though you aren't always blue, sometimes you are green <br> Your calm soothing sound remains however, like waking from a dream <br> <br> There's more to you than what we see, I know your front has another side <br> You're deep, wide and so bliss, yet you show no pride <br> <br> The Big Blue Sea, you are, you are, given to us as God's gift <br> I sail away from you, back to land; I do, back into life's mist...


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