скачать русификатор на сталкера 1

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ—————–—–ஜ۩۞۩ஜ————–——–ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ※ Скачать: https://tinyurl.com/rusifikator (Скопируйте ссылку и вставьте в новом окне) ※ Зеркало: http://bit.do/rusifikator ஜ۩۞۩ஜ—————–—–ஜ۩۞۩ஜ————–——–ஜ۩۞۩ஜ скачать русификатор на сталкера 1 Lost Alpha - Developers Cut. Переработанная версия оригинальной S. Lost Alpha выходит в новым свете. С новым DX11 шейдером, дополнительными квестами, улучшенной оптимизацией и приростом fps а так же исправлением всего того, что было не так с изначальной версией мода. The Guiders Mod. Замечательное дополнение для Lost Alpha, которое добавляет в игру проводников. Теперь за деньги вас проведут в любой уголок Зоны отчуждения. LA Changes 1. Данный проект - это пак любительских исправлений и патчей для Lost Alpha. Не смотря на то, что на Lost Alpha выходят официальные патчи с огромным числом исправлений и правок, в игре остается очень много багов и ошибок. Особенно эти ошибки связаны с кривыми текстурами, моделями, иконками и конфигами. А так же некоторыми шейдерами. Патч так же исправляет огромное число кривых конфигов и недочетов. А так же расширяет некоторые скриптовые возможности. Патчи и фиксы для Lost Alpha - Форум. - fixed vibrating constant open and close doors on Great Metal Factory level. - fixed inaccessible ashes to ashes stash on Darkdolina level- fixed crash for missing suit upgrade. - fixed Escape bridge soldiers dying because too far from shelter. - fixed flying trees and props on Darkscape level- fixed Pripyat geometry missing surface . - fixed Arena mobs missing bug- fixed no available phrase to say, dialog dm_artefact_merger_wnd . - fixed no available phrase to say, dialog forg_stalker_trader_start . - fixed map marker for bandit suit on Darkdolina. - fixed crash related to missing crossbow decor model. - fixed level changer position from the Power Plant to Sarcofag. - fixed Radar crash near outpost. - fixed ui_repair_wnd. script 471 attempt to index field selected_item. - fixed quickload after death with hotkey. - fixed Greben jobs and dialogs on Yantar. - fixed usage of motion blur effect on R2 dynamic lightning . - fixed Lukash task dialog. - fixed Petrenko s task and dialog on Great Metal Factory level. - fixed Sidorovich s message to kill zombies even if all are dead. - fixed incorrect RPM for upgraded sig550. - fixed can t open section bandages. - fixed incorrect icon for upgraded VAL weapon. - fixed return entry to Pripyat from Outskirts. - fixed error Description callback kils bone matrix bone bip01_spine2. - fixed crash when killing stalker trader on Construction Site. - fixed some other codes for doors. - fixed broken logic for doors and camera on Lost Factory. - fixed some floating boxes and barrels in Agroprom. - fixed ai-map in Deadcity monsters climbed the bridge from the river . - fixed ai-map for the duty sniper on Garbage outpost. - fixed ai-map and geometry on Yantar level. - fixed green glass in windows, jars etc. on r1 static lightning render. - fixed shader for lamps on dx10 bulbs in lamps visible again . - fixed incorrect calculation of money. - fixed Pripyat secret trader, now he will appear. - fixed crash in DetailManager, often shown on Generators level. - fixed some broken freeplay tasks. - fixed pda buttons and the crash when using it . - fixed missing known info strings. - fixed unresponsive bloodsucker on Darkvalley when climbing through hole in roof. - fixed Deedee antidote exploit. - fixed kill statistics. - fixed No available phrase to say, dialog forg_dolg_raid_dialog_finished . - fixed rendering crashes on all levels, but mainly related to the last few ones. - fixed transparent window frame on Generators level. - fixed missing Sin house esc_basement_motor_cache stash in Escape level. - fixed upgraded icon for PSZ-9Md outfit. - fixed crash when using repair kits. - fixed Sakharov dialogs. - fixed faulty stashes on Army Warehouses level. - fixed auto fire upgrades. - fixed Deadcity money issue. - fixed kampers ignoring danger. - fixed contact s incorrect avatar on Army Warehouses level. - fixed position of anomaly which was almost inside the Bar on Great Metal Factory. - fixed crash when talking to Duty leader on the Power Plant level. - fixed trees which had no collision. - fixed No available phrase to say, dialog escape_wolf_greatings . - fixed broken task when Hunter moves to Outskirts. - fixed duplicating ammo in safe exploit- fixed weather. - fixed transparent metal surface on Garbage level. - fixed crash which happens if you try to talk to an npc via pda chat in the same time the npc dies. - fixed upgraded icon for VAL weapon. - fixed mutant wave on the Power Plant level sometimes task did not finish . - fixed reaction of monolith soldiers at the Power Plant level when player drives BTR vehicle. - fixed various small glitches. - fixed can not open video stream crash on Swamp. - fixed missing sprint anim for Fort pistol. - fixed weather getting stuck on af_preblowout . - fixed Sin being hostile for no reason on Darkscape. - fixed random NPCS at kamp in garbage. - fixed Lukash anomaly machine task dialog. - fixed crash to desktop after final arena battle- fixed errors with unupgradable stalker exo outfit. - fixed third gift dialog with Ivancov. - fixed case where sometimes Mole would not talk after military battle. - fixed Can t find include file text eng string_table_tasks_swamp. - fixed error Description No available phrase to say, dialog out_hunter_start . - fixed stalker trader leaving his post on Construction level. - fixed Sarcofagus battery not disappearing after use. - fixed case where Dolina prisoner won t talk to you if you open the cell before he is captive. - fixed crash with missing section . - fixed unresponsive military at cordon bridge. - fixed military blockposts getting hostile for no reason. - fixed early message to meet Mole from Seriy task. - finetuned all traders and their stock. - added missing map hint for Garbage sniper. - removed anomaly from the middle of the road on Great Metal Factory which made the access to Military level with car very hard. - Strelok s book can be dropped now, but it will be available in the articles menu on your pda as well. - now can buy cars from Outskirts barman too. - monster and character relations were tweaked. - added timer on hud for the gasmask on Rostok Factory level. - slightly increased probability of rain and thunder. - knife hit powers finetuned. - alcohol postprocess effects tweaked. - dx10 render optimized more will come in later patches . - added feature when checking stash with purple icon and not taking all of theitems, the icon will change to green and will only be removed if you take all. - pda chat finetuned, if a participant goes offline, you will see message connection lost . - added X18 documents dialog to the barman Petrenko so that dialog can complete if doing task later. - made Sin neutral to the actor to avoid misunderstanding . - made Sin hostile towards actor_dolg if player joins duty and dolg duty faction . - added more fuel to traders and stashes. - finetuned ai reactions. - finetuned certain monster reactions. - removed extra sleeping bags from the game, but the one you have is now dropable, tradeable, and you can buy one at traders. - added ladder to the hole on the ground in Yantar to make climbing in and out more convenient. - revisioned and united all weapon hud positions. - the secret trader now sells only unique items. - added more alife to Darkscape, Forest, Outskirts and Country levels. - particles engine tweaked, finetuned and more stable. - implemented cloud shadows on r3 dx10 render too. - added pda message about the 3rd bloodsucker to kill on Rostok Factory level. - enemies won t ignore you if you are sitting in a car. - various smaller tweaks and fixes. - removed test grenades and fixed bug so now NPCs will run from grenades they throw if they land close to them. - finetuned weapon damages again. - finetuned step sounds for earth surface they were too silent . - finetuned monster damages again. - finetuned ai reactions for silenced weapons and certain materials. - raised the headlamp s light angle. - disabled ammo repacker until we can make it better. - upgraded bandit outfits will now also work for the bandit infiltration task- increased secret trader stay time. - increased chance of secret trader having unique items. - removed the money robbing on Deadcity to create a smooth cutscene in prison. - added missing trade ltx for Petrenko. Note that it will only work after a certain stage in the game. - added working trunk to white lada on Darkdolina. - added free roaming NPCs in Freeplay mode after good ending . avi files from the game to avoid conflict with codecs on certain computers. - reduced some more quest items weight to zero. - added missing articles for Burer and Chimera. - removed unnescessary crashes with errors such as. item _ _ not found. Начало новой игры обязательно из-за правок в сюжете и движке. Предыдущие сохранки работать не будут. Это кумулятивный патч - установка предыдущих патчей не требуется. Программа установки патча удалит папку gamedata. Моды, сделанные для предыдущих патчей, несовместимы со новым патчем пока мододелы не проработают совместимость. скачать русификатор на сталкера 1
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