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ஜ۩۞۩ஜ—————–—–ஜ۩۞۩ஜ————–——–ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ※ Скачать: https://tinyurl.com/rusifikator (Скопируйте ссылку и вставьте в новом окне) ※ Зеркало: http://bit.do/rusifikator ஜ۩۞۩ஜ—————–—–ஜ۩۞۩ஜ————–——–ஜ۩۞۩ஜ скачать русификатор judgment apocalypse survival simulation Cкачать торрент Nature s Zombie Apocalypse. Nature s Zombie Apocalypse. ОС Microsoft Windows XP Vista 7 8 8. Процессор Intel Core 2 Duo, 3. 0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400 , 3. Оперативная память 4 GB ОЗУ. Место на диске 1000 MB. Трейлер игры Nature s Zombie Apocalypse. Скачать торрент Nature s Zombie Apocalypse бесплатно. Информация о торренте Nature s Zombie Apocalypse. Похожие торренты. Скачать игру через торрент бесплатно. Чтобы скачать игру через торрент вам нужно . Скачать и установить торрент-клиент uTorrent, BitTorrent, Azureus и т. на компьютер. Скачать игру Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation 2016 En 0. 1776 Repack Other s через торрент. Дата выхода 11 апреля 2016. Жанр Simulation, Strategy. Релиз от Other s. Язык озвучки Английский. Язык субтитров Английский. Тип издания Repack. Операционная система Windows 7 8 8. Процессор 2. Оперативная память 2 Гб ОЗУ. Видеокарта 512 Мб. DirectX Версии 9. Место на жестком диске 1 Гб. Процессор 2. Оперативная память 2 Гб ОЗУ. Видеокарта 512 Мб. DirectX Версии 9. Место на жестком диске 1 Гб. Игры, похожие на Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation 2016 En 0. 1776 Repack Other s. Скачивание торрента Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation 2016 En 0. 1776 Repack Other s. Вы всего в одном шаге от скачивания торрента Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation 2016 En 0. 1776 Repack Other s. Чтобы получить ссылку на скачивание, пожалуйста, зарегистрируйтесь в одной из бесплатных игр наших партнеров . Зарегистрировавшись на сайте, Вы больше не будете видеть данное окно и сможете качать игры сразу. Nature s Zombie Apocalypse v0. 8a Early Access 2016 ENG скачать торрент. Откуда Скачать торрент. Год выпуска 2016. Жанр Экшены, Казуальные игры, Инди. Язык интерфейса английский. Таблэтка Не требуется. ОС Microsoft Windows XP Vista 7 8 8. Процессор Intel Core 2 Duo, 3. 0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400 , 3. Оперативная память 4 GB ОЗУ. Место на диске 1000 MB. Nature s Zombie Apocalypse - аркадный экшен с видом сверху, где различные животные будут сражаться с обезумевшими людишками, которые превратились в зомби. Откуда Raccoon City. Стаж 2 года 10 месяцев. Текущее время Сегодня 08 08. Часовой пояс GMT 4. Вы не можете отвечать на сообщения. Вы не можете редактировать свои сообщения. Вы не можете удалять свои сообщения. Вы не можете голосовать в опросах. Вы не можете прикреплять файлы к сообщениям. Вы можете скачивать файлы. Сайт не предоставляет электронные версии произведений, а занимается лишь коллекционированием и каталогизацией ссылок, присылаемых и публикуемых на форуме нашими читателями. Если вы являетесь правообладателем какого-либо представленного материала и не желаете, чтобы ссылка на него находилась в нашем каталоге, свяжитесь с нами, и мы незамедлительно удалим её. Файлы для обмена на трекере предоставлены пользователями сайта, и администрация не несёт ответственности за их содержание. Просьба не заливать файлы, защищенные авторскими правами, а также файлы нелегального содержания. Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation Windows, Mac, Linux game. Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation. Suncrash Early Access Apr 2016. Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation is a colony simulation game with tactical combat taking place in the midst of The Apocalypse. Guide a group of people through the mayhem -- hiding from hell-spawn and building a safe haven. The game combines economy simulation with tactical combat missions; you survive by crafting equipment, defending your base and sending teams to scavenge for supplies. While out camping, a group of friends finds itself facing a strange creature intent on killing them. It was a demon. The apocalypse has begun. Survival instincts took hold, and the three of them managed to take the creature down, but Ned didn t make it. They ran to town, only to find it aflame. They went to an isolated valley nearby. It seemed safe, but for how long. Temporarily safe in their valley, the group vowed to fight back. But first, they had to survive, create a hidden shelter for themselves, and try to figure out what was going on. They would search for additional survivors to join their growing colony, teach themselves science, and dabble in the dark arts that started flooding the world. Using whatever they can find, whatever they can learn to make, or summon from the nether realms, they will fight back. The Apocalypse is here, but hope is not lost, humanity has yet to be Judged. Mankind s resistance can still tip the scale. Will you help them. Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation - Update 15 The Demons. More Unique Demons. Survival in the harsh world of Judgement is in no way easy, but we also didn t want it to be predictable. We offered a wide range of equipment and abilities that can shake up combat and turn the tides of the battle, but so far it has been pretty much one-sided. In update 15 we change that. More enemy abilities will be added in subsequent updates. One of the biggest concerns we ve heard from you, the community, in the past few months has been concerning traders. We heard that the mechanic is not serving its purpose and is pretty much useless. Usable Items. As explained above, traders will now offer a new range of usable items that are capable of benefiting the players in numerous ways. You will find journals that allow you to retrain your survivor s skills, get an XP boost or learn an entirely new skill. Others may gain you research points, or help you rescue additional survivors to join your colony. Auras Splash Damage. Two new combat mechanics have been added - Auras, and Splash Damage. Auras are a passive ability that can boost or debuff surrounding units. The Succubus, for example, now debuffs male survivors around it, making them less efficient. Two new items that your survivors can wield have been added as well, providing various benefits to surrounding survivors. We hope these new mechanics will increase the tactics involved in combat missions further beyond cover, flanking and active abilities. Defense Planning. This feature has been requested many times by the community the ability to designate rally points for your survivors, pre-selected positions they should take when the demons invade. A new Defense Planning Mode option in the Colony Management window, will let you view each survivor s designated position and assign new positions. Temporary and Lasting Damage. Another feature strongly influenced by community feedback, Temporary Damage is a new mechanic that has a meaningful effect on the flow of the game. Most of the damage your survivors receive will now be temporary. This damage can be healed using medkits or other active combat abilities and is also automatically healed as soon as the fight is over. Difficulty Curve. Every update we deal with the arduous task of making Judgement both challenging yet rewarding. Whenever a new mechanic or new content are introduced, we have to make sure they don t make the game too easy or too hard, and we always strive to improve our difficulty curve to be gradual and make sense. Visual Updates. As always, we also offer a wide range of visual updates and improvements. There have been improvements to many structures and doodads such as barrels and bodies, and you should see this mostly in new the slums biome maps. We ve also improved the blackish fog that covers the world post-demon-invasion. We ve updated the modding guide modding. com to match our latest changes and explained some of the previously unexplained mechanics around the enemy generator algorithm judgment. We also included in the latest build pretty much all the configuration files that were previously not included, such as those configuring the random events and the possible portrait combinations for survivors you find. Most of these are not yet covered in the guide but feel free to check the original files and ask us questions preferably through our Discord Server discordapp. com if you don t understand something. Other company news. In addition to our effort in improving Judgment we have some other company news as well. A new team member, Harel, has joined us and taken over many of the design, marketing, and community management aspects. Previous saves and mods. Happily, the changes in Update 15 allowed us to continue to support older saved games, from Update 14. You should be able to continue your previous saves without any issues, even most of the balancing changes should easily catch up once you update. Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation - Update 14 on Steam. Update 14 - The Neighbors - adds neighboring settlements to the world of Judgment, in addition to many quality of life improvements, new content, and. Judgment Update 13 on Steam - The Traders. The Traders update focuses on making the game more fun and less of a chore. Lot s of usability fixes, in addition to a few new mechanics that have long. Judgment Update 12 on Steam - The Explorers. Steam update 12 includes a whole new world to explore, a complete game rebalancing and much more. The Scavengers - Alpha 11 of Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation. The Scavengers update focuses mainly on missions outside the base such as Scavenge and Rescue missions, with lots of new content to keep things interesting. Post article More articles. 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