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Town of Salem is a web game developed by Blank Media Games set in an alternate reality version of the actual Town of Salem, Massachusetts during the Witch Hunts, with gameplay based on the party game Mafia. Three factions are trying to work their way to victory the Mafia, who are trying to kill anyone who opposes them, the Townies, who are trying to root out evildoers, and the neutral parties, who each have their own agenda. As of now, Town of Salem has thirty roles to play as. The game is played in two cycles, day and night. During the day players discuss strategy with the townspeople, put together clues, or attempt to lynch someone. It starts pleasantly on Day 1, when everyone greets each other. until the night phase, where a wolf howls to announce the day is over and everyone goes home, the music gets more intense, picks up the pace, day comes. and bodies are lying around. Their Kickstarter can be viewed here , and ended March 21, 2014. Their initial goal was reached on March 17, 2014. They had a second one to get the game mobile ports, Steam, and gaming consoles. On June 6, 2017, a new expansion has been released called Town of Salem The Coven , introducing a new faction the Coven , 15 new roles, and new rotating game modes. You can sign up and play the game for free here. The Wiki for the game is here. Tropes associated with Town of Salem Roles . Back from the Dead The Retributionist can revive a dead person only once. They typically tend to revive an investigative role, or a powerful unique role such as the Jailor, Mayor, or Veteran. Difficult, but Awesome The Transporter. In order for their switching ability to be helpful, they have to have a pretty good idea who s most likely to be targeted by the bad guys and who not to interfere with. Knowledge of obscure game mechanics makes them even more effective, such as stalling an Arsonist from igniting by switching their target for the night. However, a Transporter who doesn t know what s going on or doesn t think things through can be a huge liability for the town who prevents useful roles from doing their jobs or gets their teammates or themself killed by accident. Distracted by the Sexy This is what the Escort does. Your role is described as a beautiful woman skilled in distraction. Heroic Sacrifice Often a member of the town will have to sacrifice themselves to bring in a win. The Bodyguard role specializes in this, the entire point of the role being to die in defense of fellow town member, killing an enemy in the process. Other town may also do this by declaring their role, giving vital information to the town even knowing they are likely to die that night as a result. It is also not uncommon, if there is a Vigilante and a Witch, for the Vigilante to ask to be lynched so the Witch can t control them. An important part of playing Town is realizing that dead town members still win if town wins, and knowing when to sacrifice yourself. I See Dead People The Medium s job is to do this. They can communicate with the dead every night, and relay information back to the town from beyond the grave. They can also invoke this on one person if they die, letting the selected person see them talking to give information to write in a Will or say during the day. The Medic The Doctor can heal one other person every night, and can heal himself once. Properly Paranoid Every Townie. There are hidden killers about, and a target on your back. the one who takes this to the extreme is the Veteran, who can go on watch at night. Anyone who visits him, friend or foe, will be shot dead on the spot. Shell-Shocked Veteran The Veteran is a classic example of one. If he goes on alert and anyone visits him, Basic Defenses be damned, they ll be dead. Taking You with Me The Bodyguard can choose to protect someone at night and take the attacker down with him, at the cost of his life. Ultimate Authority Mayor The Mayor is hidden just like the rest of the Townies. But when he does come out of hiding, he s given more authority than most, counting as three votes for both lynching and for verdicts. Unfortunately, the evildoers also know exactly who you are, and while you can be protected, you cannot be healed. Vigilante Man The Vigilante role, obviously. He s sided with the Townies and can target one player each night and kill them, hoping that he s hit Mafia. Of course, there s no guarantee that he won t shoot a villager. If he does, he commits suicide out of guilt, leaving you with two less Townies. Cleanup Crew The Janitor can clean up the body of the mafia s kill, meaning the town won t know what role he was or what was written in his Last Will. Costume Copycat The Disguiser role was reworked in the 1. If a Disguiser targets somebody, they will appear to be that role to an Investigator. A Sheriff, however will not be fooled and still see them as a member of the Mafia. If the Disguiser dies that night, or is lynched during the day they disguised, they will appear to be that role in the graveyard. Dead Person Impersonation The Disguiser role used to function like this if the person they selected to swap with dies, they swap with them, taking on their name and avatar. Detective Mole The Consigliere has the ability to see other people s exact roles, unlike the Sheriff or Investigator, and can claim to be a Sheriff or Investigator to keep Townies away from his Mafia friends. The Don The Godfather does not kill other townspeople, but can have his Mafioso kill a Townie. Like the Serial Killer, he can t die at night. However, he will take matters into his own hands if he has no one to kill for him. The Dragon The Mafioso, when there s both a Mafioso and a Godfather. The Consigliere can also fill the role of The Lancer to the Godfather, since their role gives them the most information about who to target for murder, framing, distraction, and blackmail. Evil Counterpart The Consigliere, Consort and Ambusher are Mafia counterparts to the Investigator, Escort, and Crusader respectively. Consiglieres are able to tell roles like investigative Townies, Consorts are able to roleblock others like the Escort, Ambushers will attack a random person who visits the house he ambushes like Crusader. Reinforced by the fact that Investigators are unable to tell the difference between Escort and Consort, Investigator and Consigliere. Fake Memories The entire point of the Hypnotist role is to frame people or back up mafia members by planting a memory to somebody each night. Heroic Sacrifice If a mafia member has been discovered or is under suspicion, they may ask their fellow mafia members via night chat or whispers to lynch them. While this results in the mafia losing a member, it helps take suspicion off the surviving members. Lost Will And Testament If the Janitor from the Mafia reaches someone who is killed by them, he will wipe out the target s Last Will and role. That Didn t Happen The Forger role can completely rewrite up to three peoples last wills, and totally make something up that didn t really happen, resulting in the townies being fed the wrong information. Can go From Bad to Worse if the Medium cannot seance that the will was changed, and the investigative roles are dead. town the salem русификатор
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