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Valentine’s wholesale halloween costumes Day: CFMEU‘s John Setka exposed in lingerie video


HARDLINE union heavyweight John Setka is ­offering babydoll chemise Valentine’s Day ­advice to his members on how to buy lingerie for wives and girlfriends, in a bizarre online video.

The CFMEU boss poses awkwardly wholesale Plus Size Lingerie with racy lingerie in the 15-minute film clip ; the first instalment in a new online union ;TV channel;.

His wife, Emma Walters, a high-flying lawyer, also appears in the video where Mr Setka reveals that she has a personal preference for G-strings. The clip, seen on the CFMEU;s Victorian website. was shot inside the French ­Bikini lingerie store in Carlton.

In it, Mr Setka shares his words of wisdom on wooing. He tells his 30,000 members to ;go through your wife;s undies drawer; and to leave receipts to show how much was spent on Valentine;s presents.

;If you spend a lot of money, sometimes it;s good to discreetly leave the receipt somewhere so your wife or girlfriend know how much you care,; he said. Mr Setka then proceeded to choose underwear for his wife to the tune of Sisqo;s 1999 hit, Thong Song.

Other segments in the program included on-site poetry from local CFMEU romantics, featuring such tender lines as: ;Roses are red/violets are blue/if your missus has a ­sister/bring her too.;

Ms Walters also provides tips to building workers on romance. ;Don;t assume it;s what;s in front of your eyes ; actually open them for once in your life,; she instructs. ;Listen to your wife, partner or girlfriend for one day.;

Ms Walters also urged union members to ;actually; shower for the occasion ;even if it;s only for Valentine;s Day;.

Liberal industrial relations spokesman Robert Clark was not impressed: ;John Setka shouldn;t be talking to his members about lingerie, he should be explaining why he;s putting them at risk by getting Daniel ­Andrews to scrap drug and alcohol testing at sites.;

A union spokesman said: ;CFMEU TV presents the human face of members.;

The union yesterday lost its High Court appeal against a $1.25 million fine for its 2012 Grocon Emporium blockade.nicholas.payne@news.com.auOriginally published as CFMEU exposed in lingerie video

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