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Red: or you don't really care, if someone can see your point, or you are very cheap, and use a pointer to a free from supplier to the fair. Of course, you may be one of those considerate red laser pointer, stubbornly like the look of the red because of you, although the human eye is not sensitive to 633 nm. it doesn't matter

Green: you want the audience to see what you're pointing to. Unless you buy the + 5 mW laser (because you are showing off, or because you don't realize that the human eye is sensitive to more than 532, and bought the brightest laser). In this case, you are blind. If you want to get a 5mW laser, you get red. It's elegant and visible!

Blue: you are a bad guy You don't care about the blue laser is more expensive, a little ugly, you want the audience to know you are a real laser rider. (or maybe you worry from 1064 nm) green laser pointer leaking.

Purple: you're terrible. You're crazy. You don't care about the human eye can hardly detected and unable to concentrate at 405 nm. Do you want to show that you support blu-ray.

The cat seems to be chasing red like everyone else. Yes, you can get one at kitlaser.com. Cheap and effective, easy to own a laser pointer to your pet of laser pointer for cats.People like to pick up the laser pointer and enjoy themselves when a cat passed on the ground or the wall behind the red dot. Now there may be some laser pen fans say, a cat chasing, so it is a hunting game. The key to the problem, however, is that the cat may never really break under its real claws. And this is laser cat toys huge advantage, it is a good cat toys. Perhaps laser pointer can be dangerous eyes, when he met by negligence or on the spur of the moment is in the eye. But a small power laser pointer is a magic device for a cat.Now, it should be clear: the laser pointer is a better cat toy as a laser pointer, because the game laser has the actual cat, the laser pointer is pointing to, and because of that, the cat's reaction is so exciting, the big smile: she kills the most, and there's no more to hope that eventually it will be successful in the hunt, and it will lead to the important hunt. And you don't know how they can do it, so they can finally catch the red laser pointer. Angel of laser pen, she can to confirm, but: if you need to improve your footsteps, in the direction of the strategy or technology you will soon find. It has already caused the laser pointer, so you say, through her exam, I have the right to hang it.

I will think any use presentation laser pointer can only strengthen the PowerPoint allows speakers to make mistakes. If you need a laser pointer to highlight something of slides, frankly your slides is too complex. Or if your graphics require you to use a laser pointer to point out something, your shape is not clear. Of course, there are some graphics is very complex, but in fact, PowerPoint and other graphics applications have tools to help you add highlighting, for example, may choose the color.In his speech, the focus should be on the speaker, and PowerPoint for many speakers into the background, become the focus of both the parties. Instead of talking to the audience, the speaker simply adds a script comment. Slide sounds is a kind of help, but they are too easy to be allowed to take over. The laser pointer just overstates this. The speaker can keep the shadow, and pointed to the audience the slides.

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed some hospitals in the city, among them, for now, has not yet approved the hospital eye laser pen in patients with injury. According to lu fuyuan ophthalmologist, kui li, the laser pointer launched laser to the eye, the yellow spot was the first violation, and when we saw one or two things, the light was launched outside the area of the yellow spot of the object, the first "capture" also depended on the yellow spot to complete "the center of the macula of the retina is the center of human vision, the highest and most vulnerable areas of the sensitivity." Once this area is laser goggles burns, and then in a large, round black spots in the front of the wall who feel the same. I was looking at the "eclipse" in the middle of the black light. So, when we're using high power laser pointer, 5000-megawatt laser pens, we must be careful to be safe, to wear goggles, so that we can protect our own safety, and that we can be responsible for the safety of others, and that we will not be able to hurt others lightly.



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