Laser Cutting Machine Structure Classification

Usually we will laser cutting machine for classification, are in accordance with the type of laser to. So if the laser cutting machine itself in accordance with the structure, how can it be classified?

According to the relative movement of the cutting head and the table, the CNC burning laser cutting machine can be divided into three types: the optical path, the fixed beam path, the beam moving form, the hybrid optical path and the semi-fixed semi-moving mixed mode. There is also a hinged movable arm fixed optical path flight beam transmission form, known as the constant flight optical path, referred to as constant light path. In the cutting process, only the cutting head moves in the X and Y directions, and the table position is fixed. This kind of cutting machine processing plate size, large quality; equipment covers an area of small, no need to clamp the workpiece, on the material to facilitate; machine acceleration performance, high positioning accuracy. So much respected market, known as the mainstream of the international market models.

Modern laser cutting machine common several typical structures are gantry frame mobile flying optical path structure, beam mobile flying optical path, beam upside down mobile flying optical path, cantilever mobile flying optical path structure, fixed beam gantry half-flying light path, cross work Taiwan mobile fixed light path, gantry and cantilever constant light path, the robot structure and large format airborne hybrid optical path, green astronomy laser flexible processing systems.

In terms of the structure of the cutting equipment, the materials of the large body are casting structure, welded structure, marble structure, aluminum alloy castings or welding parts and their profiles, other components are optional engineering plastics, glass and stainless steel material applications.

The laser provided by the device is selected according to the performance of the user, the processing material, the shape, the size and so on. The optional laser is the co2-axis fast-flow laser, the RF board debugging laser, the cyclone laser, the solid-state green laser pointer, Fiber lasers and so on.

From the equipment drive mode, there are X, Y axis selection of unilateral servo motor configuration corresponding reducer, with high precision rack and pinion drive structure; have X-axis are selected servo motor configuration corresponding reducer, with high precision Of the gear and rack drive structure, a double gear to eliminate the reverse gap drive mode; servo motor configuration with high precision ball screw direct drive, the use of disc-type large inertia motor direct gear, rack drive; also use linear motor direct drive The structure of the way.

CNC blue laser pointer cutting machine is usually configured with high precision linear guide rail-based, and equipped with automatic lubrication device. Unilateral linear guide rail with the main rail with a roller structure is a good cost-effective economic, easy to adjust the typical structure; another structure is directly used to drive and rail combination as one of the drive unit structure, the installation easier, more convenient, easy to ensure that the accuracy, but the cost of a little higher.

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