Dark Thoughts

Something painful and awful comes to my mind... Something troubles my soul every day, every night... Something terrible soon is going to happen... I'm so tired to live being mad with obsession! Many hundreds of ways to avoid this depression... Many thousands of ways to escape from these thoughts... Following them was a kind of salvation, But unnatural one... It can't help anymore! Trying to come to appropriate answers We are getting so close to lose our minds. Every day of our lives is becoming so stressful - We are lost in the web of truths and lies. Day and night I am dreaming of something unreal That can happen uniquely not in this life, Shattered brain then is showing me awful reality And the certain events that I cannot deny... But I know I can find the right key for this puzzle, I am able to cope with my inner device. Like before I will fight with myself to be sure If I'm going to die or at least to survive...
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