Сокол Соколович Сокол Соколович 
Хочу собрать группу, кто заинтересован в совместной работе - пишем. Страница вк: http://vk.com/sokol_sokolovich Как сюда попасть

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the edentate smile link the mirror`s chincks skull is full of poison pour out or drink. impure leper stumps stroke with velvet skin lace twines a loop under my chin. steps disappear on the road behind bodies prepair to switch off their minds. RED INSOMNIA covers empty heads from birth till sepulture we are decieved dead. red insomnia born to burry `ya innerphrenia sleeping hysteria with dead lungs we breathe rubbish in a need shadows evolve parables to seeds. with dead voice we cry in the walls of native bar storm is gaining strenght but the shore is so far. with dead self we laugh making marks on the crust beneath the black sun getting high on the lust. SWEET INSOMNIA strips to tease the flesh ashes to ashes souls to rusty cash.
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