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crash tt (Красная Шапочка и Три Топора), г. Москва Как сюда попасть
НЕкриминальное ЧТивО НЕкриминальное ЧТивО 
Мы Московская музыкальная группа "НЕкриминальное ЧтивО". Неординарное музыкальное мышление и текстовая нагрузка композиций заслуживает, по мнению слушателей, достаточно пристального внимания. Как сюда попасть

dialog of you and him is incomplete

The dialog of you and him is incomplete I know what you want, you always say what you need He does not care, you seem to be proud, There is no need to speak about it aloud!!! An ocean breathes inside cold eyes Once you did it, do not think twice!!! The summer is cold, I'm too jealous you know I can not leave you or let you go. Who can explain, how I feel? The darkness comes, my pain is unreal... Love you brought gloomy surprises I play the game with cruel devices. Ah Ah Ah Night has come again to me It's really nice, you are here with me. But you must sleep, I'm alone. I'm asking why and who is wrong. Today you have a work to do. How I feel do you have clue??? Ah Ah Ah 2003
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