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We like music what we didn't hear in some years, and we decided to try to do it ourselves. Maybe we would be able to do it? We are learning all what we can learn. Even bears can ride a bike. What's about us?
Mitya Svoyak Директор
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Hello all. We are a band called Dilitant. It wasn’t easy for us to start writing music, because we had doubts if our music would be liked. A few months ago a friend of mine friend made a bet: If we could make an album in two weeks. We didn't do it but In seventeen days our first album was born, “Old dance”. Our friends liked it. But we'd gone too far to stop. In twenty more days our second work “Forgotten discotheque” was finished. Our listeners said that it was much better than the first one. Now we are working on our third album. We hope to do it deserving your attention. Who knows, maybe someday we would work on music as a profession? At this moment it’s not clear. Listen to our music, say what you think, it's in your hands to keep the decision of keep music as our first hobby. Thank you all.
Old dance 2009; Forgotten dicotheque 2009; Dilitant express 2010; Geometric sound 2010; Three plus three 2011;
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