Karina Evn Karina Evn 
молодая певица, обладательница гран-при "Золотой голос" в Останкино, участница телепроекта "Голос Армении" Как сюда попасть

Love story

Give me, give your fire The fire of your heart as Heart of mine is burning And often out darts Tell me, tell your secret Secret about your love Love of mine is storming And waiting voice from above Come on, come on Let’s do it day and night Come on, come on Look here! I will incite Come on, come on And you will feel all right Come on, come on Love story at first sight Touch me, touch my fire The fire of my soul Soul of mine is calling To love me, pretty girl Give me, give your feeling The feeling of your love Love of mine is wanting To fly away like a dove
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Dont stop write you story...
19 ноября 2010 в 14:40