This afternoon, I consider inevitable, Dead pen scribbled his devotion, These specks, no paint devastated indefinable fear or tenderness, Let this star blithely yarkoyu in the sky without becoming extinct, .. I have come a long flash, All the way .. Everything is forgotten, and even peeling off the fetters under glare Who would like carelessness biased return, .. In these conjectures, gray days and endless masses of those, I am lost shaky, .. Heartbeat, trembling in the wind a drop of dew, just restless .. In these reflections of who went winds that I faded blue of all as changing, .. There will come a day when the exhausted cry the highlight, " Enough! Enough! .." You know, I'm no longer afraid .. Not zhdya when life will change a tired echo of the plot .. Fate, I face crimson light laugh, Staying endless eve, this fear has .. Pain replaces the imaginary fear, but does not bode plot fragmentation, .. Forcing, convulsing rattling, shaky smile, .. Erase, burn, Or rewrite it? .. Last moment, rejecting exiled to rock that mistake .. Frayed wings, the heat that performed the sway, .. These motives quick wandered Frankly, departed instantly disappears opinion .. Fall, the deep transparent thread thin, literal intent in collapse .. But why is the heart of solidarity, so wants to return mist, it all back? .. All through, and rewrite .. You know, I could, .. Someone in this desert, commandment, print world to become, Devastated sips, howling depression as mist .. Today I no longer silent promise not tremble .. In these souls reflected mirror myths, shadows misguided .. But I know that all I say .. Let not today, but my day will be all the same ever better .. No, you know I'm not afraid .. I'm not afraid, Not enough shades to brighten up more story This flare uvedshim, I wake up again, To the empty place, plain cold, stay longer .. No, I am not afraid! In the abyss done incredibly smile, loose shaky .. My next step, I will, fate still face oblivious laugh .. Crossed, sworn dreams as an unprecedented mistake .. No, I am not afraid! Fear no longer, Going boldly again, I laugh .. Mlechnost replaced, excites cold, forbidden secret .. But he's gone, but he was not! .. No, I am no longer afraid! .. And no more colors to brighten up tired the essence of the story In this abyss sunk again, I laugh bottomless .. Faded memories, not indulging already .. Let forever be lost ohladevshim the flash, Irresistible insolence .. Become .. blithely doubt or simply the zavedshim flare? .. Maybe my life is my courage? .. No, I am not afraid! .. I'm not afraid! .. No, I'm not afraid, Knowing that, I will not tune fate feigned shaky, .. No, burned past ardent ashes, I will not come back .. Let the past, it was only by my mistake .. And a new day, I'll start without unnecessary embellishment, For a new chapter, there will be more misguided triumphs, .. This story, let no end than that for us .. But I do know my day will be the best, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid! .. Re zavedshem pen rewrite its history, .. Just this dalyu laugh .. Because the more I live the eve .. No, I'm not afraid, And the longer I do not have, Just .. No more, .. When I ever wake up from this turmoil, .. Only then will be able to understand what part of the soul, then it was, .. Oh-oo .. I'm not afraid ..
232 3 года