Realm of Darkness

All that seemed to I once impossible, This true story is only devastated left Excluding mechanism, rebuke too complicated .. Really, what I say .. Remains imaginary cold, just not in the hint, This abyss, between unavoidable those particles with heat unconscious appreciate Burns in the soul, the light of hope extinguished the last, who retired flame .. Just draw this line, Will sometimes play of verbal, .. In these letters, verbatim opinion melt sorrowful dot, Allowing oblivion, but only mentally toyu sparkle stars! .. Open my mind, It is not clear wandering and nothingness .. (It is not clear wandering among nothingness ..) Unlock all these thoughts at once, Or I, .. no longer I, .. In the darkness of the hidden soul, amid nothingness .. Tell me the desire, but today .. Or I, Did not I? .. Contrary to the contrary, .. Destroy, .. unconscious consciousness, which was so close, But fetters, shackles .. Heart careless lie .. Destroy, destroy .. And gave the pen dead, ostyvshim smile, .. In these reflections of oblivion, lies the fine particles, betrayed the lie .. That fate pages moments that we will not .. Simplifies the daunting new level, forgetting past replay .. Our life, embellish detached cold that arrogance, .. In carelessness neon splatter races like the flawed mental gaze .. Maybe I was toyu mlechnostyu, or just extremely conjecture accident? .. Just this remains an endless line, my magic .. I dissolve in it lightly, because in spite of everything, I do not I .. This forgetfulness, we dries milky magic .. Howling faded dalyu for a .. These myths were only just dreams .. Where was I not, But remained the soul, endless dream .. So hear, so hear! .. How is it that my heart beats .. In this silence, this silence! .. Stars in the Milky, bright scarlet light, it is no longer return .. Reveal to me just to settle down instantly careless mind .. Open to me, all the secret thoughts and conjectures their .. I want to get the answers to these secrets at once, What do not you have enough? Stealthily .. passing suffocation, a drop of love .. If you can hear me now, .. Know, I do not blame you .. Meanwhile glare forbidden past, I am now the truth as a piece of his own heart in spite of everything, appreciate .. That's all you're being played, You can not on the other, the desire to shine il be? .. In these zavedshih reflection, shiny falsehood confess When it left the milk changes, and has nothing more to say .. In these fates, as in the glow of the past, no one's fault, .. It's just moments .. Performed devastated mine, kingdom of darkness .. This moment, will only draw .. This light will ascend, .. Unprecedented, skillful magic instantly .. My .. But the fate of these, as in those of recognition, no one's fault, .. This is only filled, emptiness instant, my Realm of darkness .. Only mine .. Realm of Darkness .. (Oh-oh ..)
143 3 года