Really funny?

Decorate the milky smooth surface, This triumph, in the heart of the new rates again beating .. Drop by the wind, a thin snowflake like a lock This forgetfulness dawn no longer return, .. Trying careless abacus, in a wasteland of dreams again forget, .. Falling, burning breath in this network .. These wanderings, with emotion emptiness toyu, ugadchivo sparkles Returning invented by someone past, rash sweet, a hint of the future, .. Not heard resound flare, .. Plunged secured by a desire to lie .. Unsuitable minutes penetrates coming shout Choking the pass, wandered cold shiver increasing pace, .. Other motives, old fairy tales do not understand Everything and everyone, contrary to know, .. When the left, the parting say Nearest warm wind breaks network, which were so close .. Tell me honestly, Can it be so funny? Dope live scalding, twisting thread everywhere, The agony of the elements, living bitterly when no longer a sin, .. We will come true one to blame, When there is nothing more to say .. Unlearn oblivion so narrow-minded, disturbing cold love, When it was possible, but not worth it to lose .. Cooled down glare, The depth of not knowing, the usual stay true story, .. Single-flammable, the sparkling instantly, .. Erasing the false tales, as suffocation, iridescent dust, Blame for carelessness in the abyss of the fate of gratitude not tea, Retaining the silent blue, past the sign become .. Precipitation ohladevshim, collapsed Overcoming no longer say, Colorful story, but faded paintings, ostyvshim charm, though accidental, .. But more to say, you can not really continue, .. Remain nonchalant letter combustible ash, which no longer exists after all! .. Tell me honestly, Surely you again funny? .. This immaculately breathe instantly everywhere, Byloyu tale spill, declared eve when no longer a sin .. This sorrowful breath of the network to learn, .. In spite of everything, a piece of temptation svevayuschim sparkles When in spite of everything, has nothing more to say already, Excess of last year's feelings, departed in cold nothingness dream .. Really, you're so funny? ..
133 2 года