It Can't Hold Us

This is something that will not let us get up, Without much fuss, and various embellishments This is something that we do not give a moment, Dashing, perelistnuv, onetime of the last story .. What is it, what is it? Once we have been very different, But not left in the dark soul, cozy oblivion light Maybe that's all we have forgotten? .. I'm looking for, The best way, and not just another Force to leave, or just forgive .. But to win, and light the brighter the stars, the dream of any .. You can simply, into the abyss of thousands of false Steps look .. But no choice, only complex mechanism, That's what was already in spite of fate did not return .. I am learning to live I'm learning again, and the new .. I do not care, I want one without mlechnostyu be Stay universe, or sulfur mass, but for such a weightless .. Deny their freedom, Closed to say, cold misfire, touch the door .. Touch, sudden strip reckless ground .. And tell intravenous hope, "You believe .." You just believe .. What seemed so ubiquitous, it was dangerous But I know that not anyone in sight of his life does not imitate .. It is a pity that, in spite of fate my opinion, does not agree with me, These cold lines adolescence, I again delved .. These shades weekdays, I am lost bottomless, All the revolutions of fate and not minuv. Simply, these offspring of dots of life, as always impregnated .. Onetime like this, free of charge, no returning .. Nothing, never returned! .. This art, cloying speculation beam violent contrary arguments, yet dawn .. I literally break out the bones and rip off his skin My music has matured, it's all that's left is all that .. What happened to her To exclaim eclipse ostyvshim fishing gloomy blue, "Oh, my God!" Light the lights on the stage, And illuminate them I just, I ask .. Light, .. Let my hand at the end, will still be on a heart-rending limit But this is exactly what you want? .. You know, it's time to Reckless plan, not doraschennym motive surrenders string byloyu .. This life, not a game .. This light, steeped to the bottom, unpretentious writing, wasteland, as the blue of the .. I will not go down, And I, too, fall will not. No more of those moments, as well as fantasy, in which it was possible to get lost .. I just cross out il cross out, and these misunderstandings, an imprint of hope playfully forget Yes, I throw Yes, I throw the fate of his call. Let them, I have no suits in the name and do not change, As she is with me, and I'm with her, too! I do not expect success without a milky, After all, I know, it just so he will not come. I have not been to a pain, and certainly not a laughing matter, Who is looking for true happiness, he will find it exactly. My independence, This is what I live for. This oxygen, this city, these people .. It's all in what I breathe .. Knowing exactly no one except my mind I did not decree This latter point, in spite of everything, I breathe, I breathe again .. This inconspicuous lumen finished my secondary story Without giving up the essence walk again, I'm going into this abyss .. I challenged, around what was possible, And this deadly, with frost will pass through the skin .. I risky and stupid, absolutely possible, But as fate came, and she with me, then I do it too! .. Make careless mistake Integral, a ray of joy to someone no, do not give in return We hide our fears of imaginary smile Probably because they simply forgotten how to love .. Now we're back, This is our moment. Making new traits for this step, Rewrite history, bringing these misguided moment bar .. Today, that same night, And so, today we are going to beat .. Until the end. All thoughts and hateful feelings, everything, driving away! .. I force myself to live and go, though let ardent flame sparkles .. I force myself again .. After all this forgetfulness, I still live. Until the end. Lone hope, let dream .. And in a dream, and in reality .. Until it stops beating pulse or wandering, our hearts .. I force myself again .. After all this forgetfulness, I still live. Going against all odds, to the end. Milky hope, no longer sparks in a dream and in reality .. I will continue this fight until it stops beating of our hearts to new .. We pull, We pull those hands up .. Though, never, in this life, for evil obstacles we will not .. Lost due a favor, though useless flare, we sew this fragrance ultraboundary sin .. We pull, We all pull, their hands up .. Though, something more we will never .. Knowing that once we were still waiting for success .. This is what we in fact will not, To win, to climb, to suffer .. All unvarnished .. This is not peculiar feeling in our world every betray, This end, the imaginary fiction, so playful, but it is true for us .. Just know I'm damn grateful. Yes, I am grateful for this opportunity. I will not fail you I just get through cross let .. I have to, I can .. I want and I know. I can live with. My opportunity - My obstacle. This is the whole point, and that's the difficulty, Maybe because, I did have to? .. Never much, I am not comforted her, nobody vinyl. My journey continues, the number of really long, But all that was, I appreciated the devotion only. Tell me .. Tell me how much? Can be in their own self-delusions live? The path ends and held there are not permissible oblivion for a long time .. Maybe because people just appreciate the worth? .. This choice does We do not, alas, themselves. What was not returned. But many do not know .. I cross the line, it appear dark eclipse, again beyond Break, rewritten .. unquenchable pain, wrapped pieces niche .. I gave no milky, literally only their dreams and stories, Never say, "I hate .." Appreciate this hour, Appreciate this moment. Because it could not be for us, It just need to appreciate. Appreciate this hour, Ask .. Appreciate this moment. That's all we have left, Renounced stitch, close again, not until the said verse .. Deny his freedom; I do not know what will happen now .. This prelude, surpass his own thoughts, simply because, Quite simply because you're important, just "Believe" .. "Believe" .. The main thing is you just "Believe" .. Life sometimes, Do not give up hope. But you just know .. But life is called a trick .. And what do we do first .. All that was now standing behind me, And if I fall .. I know for sure, My past I never pick up. Let my life be called - stems, Let the call, even though the patient .. But I know for sure .. This small, to move on, I just do enough .. I will not Give Up, And do not expect. This forgetfulness of his own dreams, I will surrender again .. I go forward, I'm still moving .. I'm doing a blind step into the abyss, still bravely .. Let passed wind, fire convulsive playfully burned .. I'm still going, I'm still alive .. And this incentive, and this motif .. I call only his life. This is something that we will not for a moment, Though someone become. We have forgotten how to appreciate and love, But for not forgotten one word, which permanently "betray" .. We want Just with these bottoms up. This life, even if I do not like, But I do know that I can be somebody ..
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