You are so cold, I doubt whether you can love Your pulse stopped, but you're still alive You walk, talk and laugh, but this is not you Now you've become a stranger, and I won't be like you Go away and don't return, poison heart will never change. I can't believe you again. You're so beautiful, but strange, And I don't know who you are now: a beauty or a beast. I love you, but are you the man that I need? I see nothing in your eyes. They have become empty and lifeless. Say that there is no difference, you are not changed. It's useless. You lose control. And I see what you are. You're a monster. I can see the blood on your hands. I run away. Faster! Scream. Blood. Tears. Pain. You become a beast. Darkness. Void. Fear. Rain. Today I will be a prey. (I don't see the heat in your eyes. They are so empty! Don't tell me you didn't change. I don't believe it. You can't control yourself. You are a monster. I see blood on your hands. Fear makes me to run)
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