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"Try Again...Mad Cow!" Dmitry Ledenstov: A Faberge egg made by Duck Dodgers?Friggin' insane,like "mature insane",this is hopped-up "progresssive" music:cool sounds all about,quirky changes in service of the song,unique stunt-guitar playing.This piece was,for me,a real watermark for Dmitry in that it was a real culmination of many things he'd been excelling at for quite some time.I think "...Mad Cow!" was the start of a new era in his work-it is both fun and mindblowing. Track 10: Dimitry Ledenstov—Try again… Mad Cow Starts out screaming at you “Kronosonicans love to Rock as well!” Followed with some classic DLed lines. Interrupted by some “scat” at 1:14 and 1:19...? Then there is some really awesome underlying flute solos in this… Dimitry is a truly great musician who has composed/recorded more music already than some would ever hope to in many lifetimes… Great stuff… and it will always keep coming I hope… 10. Try Again Mad Cow / Dled: Holy crap! It starts out sounding like the theme song for an angry bovine private detective with huge distorted guitar riffing, drums and bass and horns. The guitar eventually fades into a processed echoey clean guitar, some slap bass guitar with eerie keyboard atmospheres, descending deeper into an aquatic wilderland with more active drums, some distorted bass, strings, eerie floating sounds and then ultimately a searing lead guitar solo (eat your heart out, Fripp!). We end up in a strangely organ driven section with strange percussion filters, more slap bass and then it suddenly ends. That could have stood to go on a bit I would say but it was very cool. Some of the nicest tones I've heard from Mr. LedDmitry Ledentstov "Try Again...Mad Cow!" This track marks a shift in focus that lasts for the rest of the CD(for the most part), now it's time to rock and roll! Of course in Kronosonic Land that doesn't mean things get any less confusing. This piece jumps around from an Indian influenced fusion theme(reminds me of Hellbog/Lane/Sipe) to outer space(with a 50's Martian movie feel), to King Crimson sounding section, then around 2:00 a tempo shift back to outer space to end it. Like Ken Rubenstein's track it's hard to believe it all happened so quickly.entstov and the fun aspect was off the charts. 10. Dmitry: I was familar with this piece from the past and I think it's one of his best. James Bond deserves a track this good. This guy continues to grow and develop (not only on guitar but in overall musical imagination). As this track shows, it's time for DLed to put out a full-length release. Solid musicianship and performance (like all his work). Interesting, non-standard composition played with joy and a smile on the face. Really, ready for prime time. ------------ DLed's "Try Again, Mad Cow" is a tough piece of music to categorize, because it is fairly experimental and improvisatory. The quality of the instrumental work, combined with the creativity of the overall piece, make it a pretty enjoyable 2:30 for listeners who have an open mind and like to have their ears challenged a bit. A feverish bongo with hard rock guitar intro dissolves after 45 seconds into some snapping Jaco-ish bass riffs with guitar echoes floating in the background. Then some busy snare drum and percussive vocal action lead us back to a chunk of distortion-laden bass and Fripp-like guitar riffs. Before you know it, we're back into spacy soundscape territory, with analog synth sounding waves blending with Larry Graham funk bass thumping. Like a dizzying roller coaster ride, suddenly we arrive at the end, trying to digest the different images that just went rushing by. I certainly cannot quarrel with the quality of the recording, as every sonic element is crisp and clear, and we get to enjoy the full dynamic range of the performance. Likewise, each individual instrumental part is played with a great degree of skill and flair - the credits are not in English, so I'm not sure if these are samples or originally recorded parts, but they sound pretty good either way. If you have a taste for the unpredictable, for sound collages and impressionistic sonic stews without conventional structure, then I'd suggest you take a ride on DLed's "Try Again, Mad Cow" musical roller coaster - at the end, you may well find yourself getting back in line to ride again! godsofmusic.com --------------
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