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Duet L.A.V

Танцевальная поп-музыка Поп-рок
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Duet L.A.V. is a singer and songwriter duet formed in Moscow, Russia in 2005. After meeting over the internet on a search to expand their musical influences, they became the best of friends. The duet made their recording debut with "Several Seconds", which was performed for the first time in 2007 at the International Pop Music Festival “Discovery” in Bulgaria, grabbing second place with their outstanding performance. Their next victory came in Italy at the International Festival of Pop Music “Canzoni Dal Mondo”, where they won 1st place for “Best Song” and 2nd place for “Best Performance”. With several awards to their name and feeling the excitement of performing live in front of large enthusiastic crowds, this musical duo won the 2nd award at the International Festival “Europop”, Bosnia & Hercegovina in 2008. Continuing on a roll of successes, they took part in the great European Festival “Golden Stag” in Romania in 2008, where they were honored with the title of diplomats and performed live on National Television. Soon after, they won 3rd place at the International Pop Music Festival “Golden Voices” in Moldova in 2009. They are currently involved in recording their first album and music video in English with internationally known lyricist Casia from Canada who writes for 100+ indie artists and bands from around the world. They are tentatively scheduled on a first festival and mini-tour of the Eastern USA in 2012.
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