The new star

Every girl –kiss. Hey! It’s early to cry “Bis!” Meet the new star who’ll blow up the whole show-biz! I open my lungs to make a deep breath. My air is music, no music –is death. Stage is my home, it brings me to life. When I hear this beat, heart becomes full of life. Thoughtful mind, easy heart’s Sure step in to the chat. Chat is both with life and death. Heavens’ fighting with the Hells. What is for I walk through this? To learn the true life And turn into the lyrics all this! Love is always following me. When I am weak or on the peak. I need to share with you all I have and all I achieve. Let the music speak. Dj spin the disk! And now it’s high time to cry “Bis!’
История создания:
Лирика писалась для друга, который участвовал в R&B баттле в одном из московских клубов. Речитатив. Стиль РЭП, хип-хоп
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