My dream

My dream. A lot of space to walk and play But teachers say we should obey, Sitting in class and studying science I wish we could be them at once. I’d let my children stay wild, Playing their games and asking “why?” You know: unique is every child and every has his right decide. Chorus: School’s … my dream number one! My fear and my fun. And it’s incredible to think One day we are this school to leave. This’ll never happen we believe. But future makes us think. School! I’ll stay anyhow. I’ll teach and get fun! My future work seeems to be the greatest thing had ever been. I want to be the teacher of my school number one. 2 My dear school, this happy time I wish I’d never say “Good Bye” These native walls we’re walking by. My friend, who’s joking all the time. And every moment, every phrase My memory will not erase. Outer life is far away. And silent cry: “I want to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
История создания:
Как-то для конкурса нужно было представить свои увлечения. Я написала песню, один замечательный человек сочинил музыку. И толпа столь же замечательных людей поучаствовала в съёмках нашего клипа. Вот текстик.
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