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Stunning melodies, hypnotizing vocals, and versatile music genres are perfect signature sounds of DJ FOtiFO. Originally, FOtiFO was born in Klaipeda , Lithuania. After moving to Washington DC, FOtiFO became easily recognizable DJ in United States capital. FOtiFO played in the most respected and in-demand clubs of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. FOtiFO is a controllerist DJ that manipulates sounds and creates music live using computer controllers and software. A former music producer FOtiFO is currently working with local and international artist. FOtiFO has signed his single Frumpin to NomNOm Records and participated in remix competitiion from Younan Music where his single won a release on Younan music label . Currently, FOtiFO is working at several studios: AMG(Allen Music Group), Dublin’s Studio and FOtiFO Studio. His production styles vary from House to Drum’n’bass, Dubstep to Hip Hop, Trip Hop to Trance, Pop and many more. FOtiFO pursued his audio engineering degree from AIW and has a professional experience in working with major DAW, DJ and Video editing software. Currently, FOtiFO is working as an Audio Engineer, Live Board Operator and Sound designer at The Voice Of Russia Radio.
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