Light wings of Wisdom Will never touch my face again… I’ m like in prison I follow you, I bring the rain… I’m crammed with fears I know, the Order’s never seen The Rain of Tears My rain’s your cry – what does it mean? I’m cause of tempest, I am a centre of the swirl For now I’m nameless - There is the only name I call No force of prayer Time twilight holds me in the cage Of darken Era… For thousand years it’s kept it’s rage. The conjuration I’m crying out, is strange and sad… It’s liberation! I keep destroying shades of red… To Land of Missing I bring the rain on blade of knife Where’s still existing The pandemonium of life… I’m hopeless, finding Sun shining country, where you live… The flash of lightning Will bring a sacrificed relief… If spell your name, then I’ll see the only way to run – Your road through Fame Land, Where dancing we’ll arouse the Sun…
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