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Given the number of available references and multiple uses possible, it was amazing that no one is already running on the niche of games. We like fun games and we play them.
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We sit on this gray Friday afternoon in and are tasty Battlefield 4 playing. Watch and you play? We play the game on the PlayStation 4. The telecast will be broadcast live in this post, and of course, Twitch . Chat on Twitch also especially along! And you can also meeknallen! Add the PSN account with your friends and play along!
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Gran Turismo 5 and Resistance titles no longer online in 2014 News | December 27, 2013 - Sony throws in the course of 2014 the servers close to several fun PlayStation 3 games, including the Resistance games and Gran Turismo 5. As a first MAG, SOCOM: Special Forces and SOCOM: Confrontation turn on January 28. The online multiplayer games is that since then no longer play. Remarkably, for MAG and SOCOM: Confrontation online games without offline experience. Those games so you can just put in the rubbish from then. As of March 28, you can then three Resistance-shooters do not play online. Which did produce a single player mode. On May 20, the servers will finally close of Gran Turismo 5, so you only have to play. That game but offline Anyway, Gran Turismo 6 is now also available. It is not very surprising that connect servers over time. More companies are doing and Sony can use the good servers to host new games. Yet it is unfortunate for the fan base of these titles.