Grace Disgraced

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Мощь и мелодические линии, драйвовый женский вокал (гроул, скрим)
Полина Берёзко Лидер-вокал
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The band was founded in March 2004 by Polina “Grace Dis” Berezko (vocs) and Alexandr Istchenko (guitar). Very soon Andrey “Snakebass” Kornienko (bass) and Andrey “Kuzya” Kuznetzov (drums) joined them. The name “Grace Disgraced” appeared at once and it means what you think it should mean, as the reality where we live in is drawn by our own perception.. By the moment of foundation no one could play his instrument properly and it took them a year of training before they first compositions could be performed. In March 2005 a new guitarist joined the band – his name was Alexandr “Desil” Klaptzov. The first gig took place in R-club in May 2005. Although the style couldn’t be identified as death metal, the fiery mix of heavy, black and thrash drew public attention and there followed a set of gigs in Moscow, Tula, Taganrog, Rostov-na-Donu. In winter 2005-06 GD recorded their first demo “Natural Death”. The composition of the same name was included in the compilation “Soul of Metal”. In spring 2006 it became clear that not all the members could follow the band development – Desil composed the material which became technically more difficult. Moreover the GD vision changed into melodic death – and this didn’t suit some of the members – so Alexandr Istchenko and Kuzya left the band. In June 2006 Polina found a new drummer – Vladimir Kornev (“Oberon”), - and invited a guitarist from a thrash band called “Mortalitas” – Dmitry “Demon” Volkhonsky. These members successfully performed till the end of November 2006. After an amazing gig in Mitchurinsk – the motherland of Vladimir Kornev – he decided to leave GD as it was too difficult for him – he still lived in Mitchurinsk. Then a Polina’s friend Dmitry Arkhipov (ex-“Britva Okkama”, ex-“Djaggernaut”) came up to replace him. He was a kind of revelation for Polina and Desil as they got the ability to realize what people call technical death metal. But in September 2007 he left the band due to his personal troubles. Demon was carried away by his Mortalitas. There were 8 long months of constant searches and disappointments. Finally Polina and Desil worked out the idea to invite other musicians on a session base, though it wasn’t what they truly wanted. Suddenly in June 2008 Dmitry Arkhipov returned and now it was Snakebass’s turn to leave GD by mutual consent. In 6 months GD found what they were looking for – Dmitry Belousov became their bass and the band was ready for recording the EP “Materialized Expectation”.
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