Put Em Up

Put Em Up They call me Jon for the baptist Grimm for the devil Seperate your head With a mac eleven When I come through in the seven Dont ask me how its done Get your shit together Make the game work for you son Im on that grip and rip with that psycotic shit Sckitsofrania indused madness With a full clip And when I b gripping and ripping you know I be spitting for real Hit your body with metaphores Like mechenized steel Like mechenized steel HOOK When Grimm nation's Rollin through your town On the hydroliced out cars Common baby we up side down Lowriders With the mufflers on the ground No put em up When Grimm nation's rollin through your town on the hydroliced out cars common baby we up side down lowriders with the mufflers on the ground no put em up Ive been walking through the darness for so meny years that my blood boils and my eyes are running out of tears Ive lost all emotion I have no fears the only thing still turning in my head are devil gears contemplating and scheming on all the ways to make money smoking a blunt in the evening counting the cash when its sunny yo and you know what I say is true what you want, you must take it so thats what ill do
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