Of Fear Zero

Always ALONE in the city of NULL Mind CONTROL by government SLUTS Look at yourSELF, your life burns so FAST Reality beCOMEs a social DISASTER Your profit DESTROYS tears the soul DOWN Your sole deCISION to mankind is "FUCK YOU ALL" Watching as you PEOPLE just feel disGRACE Final corRUPTION of a human RACE Are you ..ggoING... to sTRUggle an urban shit like you..... Never ...REACH... your own oblivION.... But it is the last effort...... Get ..UP.. arISE.... ! ConFRONT... ! Without comprimiSE.... ! Being ..PURE.. again, stay just ..CALM.. within Tear APART... that curtain around your MIND.... my HEART.. and soul are WOUNDED... - but NO ONE... cares So CLOSE.. to lose my MIND.. - forever scared.... what ELSE a man can DO... - with this soul blindness And WHAT a way to CHOOSE, to find myself, or die? 4. People are SURE, that they rule this WORLD Clear souls to TRADE, is the one, PRIORITY Biggest corporate SHIT, and complete depRAVITY dissolves our MINDS, and crashes hU'MAA'nI'tY! I Gonna find my WAY, i wanna find my PATH so you official motherfuckers, do try to give me an epitath Just want to FORGET, all this government STUFF i want to BELIEVE, in something that `s ABOVE Every Night I PRAY To meet the MESSIAHHHH Open r`eyes and see !Time !Gone !BY We are, ripping out of thy mind... the social world decay....... the system to which you pray falsehood was your key- Awesome powers now invoked showing you the right way.... All this days, walking as in a dream, your consciousness feel peace My path, grows out of a heart, walk endless woods, of a destiny Winds of, all this world, inside thy heart, we are born free Raise eyes, up to a sky, see mighty hawks, and the evergreen trees Eiforia for u my queen And the cries up to bloodred sky, Fulfill`d my heart with godly might All cherished before now is gone, equilibrium filled me inside and out. The world born wild, will accept new, blood, to join this endless war, playin that eternal game - where the price is freedom. Blind-minded vanity and purity, forever will, interweave. stop, Rest in peace, an old life -we`ve gained an alternate life, submerged in sun beams and our souls unfold enough with ruling life by only your own way uncontrolled by technocracy's chains foreverrrr technocracy's chains for never
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