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Crepe de chine создает музыку на стыке современного пост-брит-попа и арт-рока Как сюда попасть
Луппов Алексей Луппов Алексей 
записи своих песен периода 1983-2003 г.,а так же сегодняшние сочинения композитора Тимирязева Как сюда попасть


Hello, my name's Lola I'm here to tell you kinda story About a life of little girl In this fucking crazy world When she was 5 she had good life So nice and kind child she was Always sweet, always belived In miricals, feirs and prince Then she was 10 life was unwell So many probles she couldn't get though Then she's 15 life is extreem Often she cryes, thinking of dies Always she lies, locking right guys Never tells no body how bad she feels Never, she never says whats with she deals Here she's 16 planing her dream Try's to go throug all thet she knew Now she's more strong, sining her song Loves punk-rock star, playing guitar Here is she now, 17en girl Looking for something to hold on She is no strong then she has known Couse her pain has grown, she need's somebody to rely on Still nobody see how bad she feels Yeah, she's still loking for her dreams
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