Алекс ЛАВ Алекс ЛАВ 
Пропил поэт вином французским Талант на склоне лысых лет. Теперь он носит брюки узкие. Да вот ни слова утром, ни пол-слова на обед. Это все обо мне.:) В последние годы в основном пишу музыку к текстам некоторых талантливейших поэтов. Как сюда попасть
Karina Evn Karina Evn 
молодая певица, обладательница гран-при "Золотой голос" в Останкино, участница телепроекта "Голос Армении" Как сюда попасть
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Hussle On - Thug4Life prod.

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Hu$$le On Productions - Is a team consisting of various talented people who have had successes in the production of musical compositions of various styles ranging from Rap R&B, Hip-Hop, Afro beats, remix's, alternatives, and many more...Also we have received several awards and encouragement from many people from around the globe as a prove that what we are doing is worth, and from the heart... and when we say heart we mean Heart with a capital H. We work on various software's together with many vst's in order to squeeze out the maximum quality we can get among such programs are Cubase SX 3, Nuendo, Fruityloops, Sound forge Audition 2, Halion, Sampletank Hypersonic 2, Albino 3, reFX, and many more which will take more than just a day to name. Most of our compositions consist of original melodies with no samples, but also we do make compositions with samples if this is needed for mixtapes or just as a free offer to coming up rappers and musicians that need it for promotional bases.
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