Viktor Kosmachev Viktor Kosmachev 
Экспериментальная электронная музыка в стилях: Techno, Industrial, Trance. Все треки залиты в макс качестве - mp3 320/48, качайте - доступ открыт! т.к. флеш плеер сильно снижает качество звука... Как сюда попасть
Республика Марс Республика Марс 
Российский хард-рок интернет проект «Республика Марс». География коллектива включает города: Новороссийск, Владивосток, Находка, Абакан. Как сюда попасть


One-man band from Saint-Petersburg/Krasnoyarsk. Russia. Post-rock/post-metal.
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One man's band
Андрей Бестолченко Директор
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Hypertoad is a one man project from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. After three years of frustrating attempts to find musicians and assemble a band, the only right decision was made to record an album myself. These are fully home-made records, and all stages starting from guitars recording and drums programming ending with mixing and mastering were done by one man. Hypertoad music is inspired by a variety of “founding fathers” like Pink Floyd and The Cure, Joe Satriani and Akira Yamaoka, but in general, it can be perfectly described as post-rock/post-metal. The mood of the album coincides with the words "melancholy", "sadness", "disappointment", "loss", but at the same time all these with a glimmer of hope. While listening to the album, from time to time, you are completely immersed in the atmosphere of relaxation, dreams, a fairy-tale, and you can give it a whole yourself without residue.
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guitar, bass guitar, drum programming, mixing
EP "Rust" 2013


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