Кричи от Счастья Кричи от Счастья 
Творческий тандем двух любящих сердец. Желание создавать светлую музыку. Название проекта отображает суть состояния души. Рады всем,кому нравится наше творчество. Как сюда попасть

And what to do

And what to do when our paths diverge? Your plane flies West, mine to the East. Stargazer reads by starts to us: Your Life's lines don't intersect in one. And what to do when not in mood? No one believe in our faith, It'll be easier go away, forget and don't return, But, no! No way! And what to do when all against us? Look into your heart and listen hint: No one can't to decide your fate! Believe in Love and keep my hands! :-)
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