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Мы Московская музыкальная группа "НЕкриминальное ЧтивО". Неординарное музыкальное мышление и текстовая нагрузка композиций заслуживает, по мнению слушателей, достаточно пристального внимания. Как сюда попасть

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Where are you been

Where are you been, when I had pain? Where are you been when me in tears? Where are you roam when heart in grief? Where is your help when it's so need? Your promises means nothing, they works till next morg. No need for words of apology! Life showed who was faithful and who was no! With traitors no one should stand on the same floor! No need to talk about Love a lot! It's need to feel Love and enjoy! When dark time comes to our souls, Only devoted hearts will find the way to light!
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