Chifa Chifa 
с появлением компа и VST появилась возможность записать то, что крутится в голове... Как сюда попасть

Игорь Бутман 23.01.2017 18:00 Москва, Крокус Сити Холл

"От Парижа до Сан-Ремо" Нина Дилон,... 18.01.2017 19:00 Москва, Московский международный Дом музыки

Son of the Devil

Someone told me I'm a son of the devil Some guy thinks I got a hook in my heart People say I know it's true on some level But now I tell what it's just a stupid motherfucking LIE! I'm not what you can play with LIE! I don't want you to show me how to live There's a man who tells I'm whiny and docile There's a girl she claims I'm bitchy and rough There's a kid he laughs and says I'm a fossil Well y'all should shut the fuck up That's another dirty stupid LIE! Stupid rat you don't know me LIE! I don't want you to show me how to live Well ya think that ya know me? Stupid rat you don't know me! Don't know me at all!
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